As a seasoned home owner, you’ll be familiar with the general process of securing a mortgage and all the ins and outs of moving home and the stresses that one can experience as a contractor looking for a mortgage.

And that’s why Mortgages 4.Contractors are here to help making that move, whether it be relocating to a larger house or downsizing to something less costly, we’ll help you through the process to find the most competitive mortgage tailored to your needs.

The Risks

For most lenders, contractors are considered as a high risk and as such, increase the rates at which they lend in order to cover the increased “risk”, resulting in your monthly repayments being much higher. Coupled with the fact that the lender will need to evaluate your earnings to ensure that the mortgage they lend you is affordable to your situation, problems usually arise as payslips for contractors often don’t show the full picture, in a traditional pay slip sense.

What To Do

We’ll ensure your application and mortgage process is focused on lenders that understand your situation and are able to meet your needs. Our team of mortgage specialists will find you the most competitive rates and help you on your journey to moving home.

Find out how much you can borrow

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